Services Offered and Explained

The following is a list of services that we offer with a few helpful glossary definitions. 


Furniture Refinishing

The furniture in your home can experience a lot of wear and tear over the years. Maybe you got tired of a look that you picked out for your home years ago. Maybe you have evolved onto a different style altogether. When you contact us about refinishing one of your furniture pieces we will discuss how we can make that dated but loved piece become one that you would be proud to showcase in your home by freshening it up with new paint or stain. 

What is furniture refinishing? Refinishing usually involves stripping the piece of furniture of its current finish. For a wooden piece, a chemical stripper is generally used, after which the item is sanded, and stained or painted. Refinishing is often a more in-depth process than restoration.

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Furniture Redesign

Redesigning a furniture piece involves using an old piece in your home and reconstructing it into a furniture piece that has a totally new use base. This could be transforming a dresser into a sink vanity or even revamping a round kitchen table into a tufted ottoman. Let's discuss how we can give one of the items in your home a totally new use! 


Furniture Restoration

How is this different from "furniture refinishing" and "furniture redesign"? The goal of furniture restoration is to maintain an antique or vintage piece's structural integrity and outer appearance so it retains its value. It involves light cleaning and cosmetic repairs. If you have a piece that you love exactly as it is but would just like some light repairs, cleaning, and polishing, we are here to take care of you.



If you have a couch, armchair, seat cushion, or other fabric related furniture piece that needs some serious love but you are not ready to part with, you have come to the right place! Our upholstery specialist, Carla will join you every step of the way as you discuss fabric choices, trim, durability, fasteners, zippers, buttons etc. Carla has completed dozens of upholstery projects for clients including chairs, ottomans, window seat cushions, travel trailer interiors, parachute backpack rigs, luxury dental chairs, and many more.


Vintage and Antique Sourcing

You may have an exact furniture piece in mind which you do not currently own but would like to customize to fit your home and style. You may not have the time to be able to source this piece which is where we come in! Send us an email of what you are looking for and for a small fee we will source the piece you have been dreaming about!