Legrand One-Room-Makeover Challenge (Our Master Bedroom)


Photos by Jennifer Amina (@jennifer.amina.photo)

A few months ago, a company called Legrand reached out to me asking to collaborate on a blog post where they would provide all the switches and outlets for any room of choice. I was really excited and thought it would be the perfect opportunity to participate in another One Room Makeover Challenge.

Last year I took part in a One-Room-Makeover-Challenge for my dining room, and it was awesome because it felt manageable and fun! By working on one room at a time throughout your home and giving yourself reasonable deadlines, it can make what usually would be a daunting task of redecorating an entire house or apartment into manageable baby steps. 

Because we are currently renting, with all of the decorating that I do here, I try not to go overboard because at the end of the day, this is not our permanent home. Therefore we will never see any of the money that we put into it. However, because we plan on being here for a few more years, I do want to make it a homey and welcoming space for our family & a place where my husband will look forward to coming home to when he is away for work. 

Starting out...

The first thing to go, had to be the wall color. I am definitely not a fan of brown walls as I find it very difficult to pair them with most modern design elements. I was very attracted to blues and greys whilst brainstorming color choices because I really wanted our bedroom to feel a bit like a spa-- calming, airy, and clean.  


New Outlets and Switches

While the hubs and I do not own a television, we do have a lot of gadgets and gizmos and since we have moved in its been challenging finding enough outlets in our bedroom that can accomodate all of our cords and charging plugs. Our new Legrand radiant collection USB outlets have been a real lifesaver in that! (You can find them here).

I'm not sure how but our charging bases seem to always go missing which we no longer need now that we have these cool outlets, which is awesome. I also really love the way they look! Much more sleek than before.


Overall I would say the installation process was very easy. Just make sure you tighten your terminal screws on the receptacle after inserting wires! As an absolute beginner, (and when I say beginner, I mean I have never done this before in my life), I didn't really know any better and so I had to call a friend for help. He graciously tightened every bolt and then I was all set to go! 

The folks over at Legrand were extremely helpful when I came across any problems. I would highly recommend going with them if you would like to update the outlets and switches in your home. There are so many colors and styles to choose from!


Wall Feature

We have very tall ceilings in our master bedroom which we love but it was definitely an eye sore, which is why I decided to whip up a wall feature using cement, balloons, and these triangle hooks. It was extremely easy and cheap to do. Leave me a comment below if you would like a tutorial on how this was done. It was pretty fun and I'm even tempted to fill the entire wall with them in the future or change up the design to look like a gradual brush stroke from headboard to ceiling. What do you think?



Study Nook

As part of my morning routine, I love to start my day with a bible study and this little reading nook is our little oasis to inspire us to get into God's word every morning. It's nice to have a little spot designated for that, although the hubs also likes to use it for work when he works from home, (I will make a little home office oasis for him soon enough---maybe for the next one-room-makeover??).


Final Thoughts

I hope you have enjoyed this little reveal. While I know it's probably not the most impressive thing you have ever seen and the most ground breaking, I wanted to show you that you don't have to have a large budget in order to revamp some of the rooms in your house. Yes, I know that this Pier 1 bedset is not exactly the most affordable to start with, but my intent was really just to show you that whatever it is that you already have, even if it's an outdated headboard from IKEA, with a little imagination, some working hands, and a few accessories, you really can make any space in your home a little vacation oasis. 

Sometimes, we can be so preoccupied thinking about the next thing, the next project, the next house, the next car, that we forget to Stop. Appreciate. And make the most out of what we already have--because chances are, there was a time at some point in your life that you were thinking and wishing for the very thing that you have now.