"Unravel" Belle Bed Set Reveal






"There is virtue in work and there is virtue in rest. Use both and overlook neither." 
-Alan Cohen

Images by Lauren Parker

I am so excited to finally be able to show you guys the photos from our UNRAVEL shoot a little while back!

The vision for this shoot came from some trips that I have recently gone on. I wanted to invoke the feeling of vacationing but on an every-day sort of way. I wanted you to be able to see these photos and be brought back to the comfortable and blissful feeling of getting home from work, taking off your work clothes (aka bra), and "unraveling" for the night. Being your true you, finding peace, and in moments of thankfulness-- appreciating the stillness., and the sense of accomplishment of completing another day. There is time for work, but there is also time for recharging and I hope these images inspire you to take some time for yourself every once in a while! 

This shoot was so much fun to put together and I am so happy with how everything turned out! The team that we had on set was so talented and an absolute joy to work with! All of our vendors and collaborators did a fantastic job at bringing the vision that I had to life. See below for an entire list of our collaborators! I hope you enjoy these photos as much as I do! 
Also, be sure to check out our Before & After gallery at the bottom!


On the process of the piece...

Transforming this bed set from it's original state was quite a feat. It was a challenge I was excited to take on because of its stunning detailed wood work. The veneer at the bottom half of the head board was peeling off and warping so I decided to remove it completely and sand the underlying wood down smooth. Some of the detailing in the wood was also starting to come off so I spent a good amount of time reattaching, stabilizing, and reworking curves and edges with wood putty. 

While this bed set required a great deal of TLC, I really wanted to demonstrate that with the right vision, you can really take a neglected piece of furniture and make it fabulous with an entirely different look. If you scroll to the bottom of this page you will see some of the "Before" pictures of this bed set before I started my work on it! Daniel from Living Hope Properties flips mobile homes and graciously donated this piece to us, check out their amazing work on Instagram!

On the collaborators...

Photography // Lauren Parker // @impulsings // www.laurenparkerphotography.com 

Cinematography // Fernando Perepechkin // @fernpep // www.youtube.com/user/fernis123 

Stylist & Creative Direction Assis. // Erika Muir // @erikamuirdesigns

Model // Alla Borovik // @aborov

Make-up // Jessica Smith // @barebonesmakeup // www.youtube.com/channel/UCkkKSuDuK7_qjEO9XIByTYg 

Jewelry // Emma Rose // @emmabrookejewelry // www.etsy.com/shop/emmabrookejewelry 

Wardrobe Styling // Marina Zakharyuk // @marinazakharyuk

Pillows // Carla Goncalves // allthingsaligned@yahoo.com

Wallpaper & Props // Opal House : Target // www.target.com/c/opalhouse/-/N-be4v3 

Mobile Home Flippers // Daniel & Justine Derrick // @living_hope_properties // livinghopeproperties@gmail.com


Before the transformation...

I know how much you guys love before and after pictures so here are some pictures of both the nightstand and the bed frame before I started work on them...