My name is Tabata, I'm a Pacific Northwest/Brazilian girl, and I love all things design! About 2 years ago, I discovered that my creative outlet was through furniture, after my husband and I experienced one of the most life changing/ gut-wrenching experiences a human could ever undergo. More on that personal journey here.

I have fallen in love with the idea of giving an old unloved piece a brand new start. My work is a way for me to glorify my maker, the creator and artist of all the universe who gives us second chances on the daily.

When I take "before" pictures I think of myself: broken, worn, ashamed. But when I take "after" pictures of a brand new reveal that has had countless hours of work invested into it....well, I also think of myself and all of you, and how God has given us a second chance and invests not 10-25 hours on us, but hundreds upon hundreds. To me, the journey of transformation that an outdated and unloved furniture piece can take inspires me to be better and do better.

I hope you like what you see here. Feel free to shoot me a message if you just want to say hi! Or, let's link up if you are a fellow creative and would like to collaborate on a project together! Set design is my second love so let's create something fun!